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A Glossary of Geomatic Terms to Help You Understand Land Plans

To help home homeowners and property developers better understand real estate and property surveys, the team at T.A. Bunker Surveying Limited has assembled a glossary of survey and geomatic terms. Contact our office in Gravenhurst if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation. We also offer surveys in Bracebridge, Huntsville and Parry Sound.

  • IB – Iron Bar – standard monumentation 0.016m sq and 0.6m long

  • SIB – Standard Iron Bar – standard monumentation 0.025m sq and 1.2m long

  • SSIB – Short SIB – standard monumentation 0.6m long used where buried rock likely.

  • RP – Rock Post has an identifying cap and IBR is a rock bar, both are monuments drilled into bare rock.

  • SRPR – Surveyor’s Real Property Report

  • R-Plan – Description Reference Plan

  • NAD83 – North American Datum 1983 for real world coordinates – refers to the original datum if not otherwise specified.

  • NAD83 CSRS – North American Datum 1983 Canadian Spatial Reference System – adjusted for tectonic plate shifts and now tied to the ITRS using the ITRF96 or later epoch.

  • NAD83 Orig. – North American Datum 1983 original datum adopted in 1986

  • NAD27 – North American Datum 1927 version

  • ITRS – International Terrestrial Reference System

  • CGVD28 – Refers to the Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum version 1928 – a standard datum to reference orthometric heights. Values may be published in the newer CGVD2013.

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