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Digital Drawings and Surveys for a Digital World

At T.A. Bunker Surveying Limited in Gravenhurst we understand that we all live in a digital world. Architects, Engineers, Planners, and Surveyors all use software to generate plans and as such, it only makes sense to make a digital data file available to those professionals working on the same project. As long as we know ahead of time that the contracted survey work will be required in digital format, we can ensure that the final deliverable is in the appropriate format. We require a release/waiver contract setting out particular uses, ownership, limitations and other considerations to be completed prior to release of a digital file. Contact us to discuss your plan requirements.

2-dimensional and 3-dimensional Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is typical only required in a 2-dimensional (horizontal) format and field work is completed in an economical fashion that only provides quality assurance in 2 dimensions. However, our field equipment records each observation point in 3-dimensions (height included). Without proper processes and assessment, the field observations may provide false elevations. There are additional costs associated with the capture and quality assurance processing of topographic/3- dimensional data and we need specific instructions at the outset of the project. When contracted to provide a digital file, the 3-dimensional observation points captured in the field are audited and adjusted according to the field technique that was used to capture the data.

Digital Files of Historical (Non-current) Projects

Digital files of surveys prior to 1994 do not exist.

T.A. Bunker Surveying Limited typically does not release digital files of older surveys where we were not contracted to do so originally. The original auditing and adjustments of field observation points was undertaken only with a view to release of the paper prints. The extra work and increased cost of full digital audit is not completed on every drawing in order that we can reduce the final cost of deliverables to our clients.

If an older digital file is requested, our firm typically charges a fee for the time to audit the digital data to ensure all horizontal and elevation data is digitally correct prior to delivery.

Our firm uses an AutoCAD standard file format for generating our survey plans and can provide digital drawings in either DWG or PDF format. There is no audit required for PDF format though the information is not as useful to an Architect, Engineer, or Planner that may require the digital file.

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